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Privacy Policy

1. Basic Policy

tella, Inc. (“the Company”) shall comply with all laws and internal regulations related to the protection of personal information (defined as information pertaining to individuals, which can identify any individual) and shall protect the personal information of customers and meet customer expectations by collecting and using personal information appropriately, maintaining such information in a safe and up-to-date manner and disposing of such information using the appropriate methods.

2. Organizational Activities

The Company shall conduct the following activities to put our basic policy into real practice.

  • ・ The Company shall comply with privacy protection laws.
  • ・ The Company shall establish internal regulations and a system related to the handling of personal information and the rules and regulations required for each operation, and comply with these rules and regulations.
  • ・ The Company shall periodically ascertain whether personal information is being handled appropriately, and act to remedy any problems (if any).
  • ・ The Company shall request cooperation from all companies and individuals with which we have business in order to achieve the purpose of the internal regulations.
  • ・ The basic policy shall be made available to the public at all times, such as by posting it on the Company's website.

3. Handling of Personal Information

The Company strives to achieve the following principles regarding the handling of personal information.

Development of Internal System

The Company shall assign administrators for each system and task in which personal information is handled, and shall implement appropriate management to protect the personal information of customers.

Collection of Personal Information

The Company shall collect personal information in an appropriate manner by specifying in advance the purpose of collecting and using the personal information, as well as the purpose and the scope of providing such information if such information is planned to be provided to a third party.

Use, Provision and Entrustment of Personal Information

In using personal information, the Company shall fully acknowledge the importance of privacy protection and only use the personal information within the scope of the stated purpose. Moreover, in providing and entrusting the handling of all or part of the personal information possessed by the Company to a third party, the Company shall select the parties to which the personal information is provided or entrusted on the condition that such parties can manage the provided or entrusted information in a manner equal to or better than that of the Company and execute a non-disclosure agreement with such third parties, and shall conduct necessary supervision over such parties.

Appropriate Management of Personal Information

The Company shall establish a necessary system including the development of internal regulations and rules and implement all necessary safety measures in managing personal information.

Respect of Personal Rights

The Company shall respect the rights of customers related to personal information. If any requests are made by a customer to disclose, revise or eliminate his or her personal information, and only if the identity of the customer is confirmed, the Company shall meet the request within a reasonable period and within reasonable bounds.

Compliance with laws and regulations as well as industry guidelines

The Company shall comply with the laws and regulations applicable to personal information protection in handling such information.

Continuous Improvement in Handling Personal Information

The Company shall endeavor to improve the handling of personal information in a timely manner.