tella's Strong Technical Capabilities and High-quality Vaccine

In medical institutions allied with tella, the precious cells entrusted by patients are cultured in accordance with strict quality standards.

In dendritic cell vaccine therapy, immune cells are cultured outside of the body to intensify their function and then returned. In order to prevent contamination with bacteria or foreign bodies, the cells entrusted by patients are handled under tight control.

The dendritic cell vaccine therapy created by tella is based on the techniques and expertise developed by the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo.ella has standardized the techniques and expertise to culture high-quality cells stably, and provides them to medical institutions.Furthermore, in cooperation with doctors at medical institutions and the research institutes of universities, technical experts at tella continue to make improvements of culture methods.

The advantage of tella lies in the strong technical capabilities to culture high-quality cells, such as dendritic cells, stably. In cell medicine including dendritic cell vaccines, it is difficult to maintain a certain level of quality because vaccines are produced from the cells of individual patients. Dendritic cell vaccines offerd by tella include more than 90% of dendritic cells on average.

The quality of our dendritic cell vaccines is well above the indicator proposed on the scientific paper of the United States (2011 Clin Cancer Res; 17: 3064-3076) and the vaccines are produced in accordance with strict standards for both facilities/equipment and operation. Therefore, patients can receive dendritic cell vaccine therapy with a sense of security.