Management Policy

1. Basic Management Policy

The Group’s mission is to “create healthcare solutions” and we conduct business activities to become a company that can contribute to society and the future of all people – including patients and even healthy people – through the development and provision of innovative medical technologies and expertise.
Based on the above basic policy, the Group strives to promote the research and development of new technologies and expertise related to cancer immunotherapy mainly including dendritic cell vaccine therapy, which is one of the cancer vaccine therapies, and to increase revenue through the promotion and improvement of the quality of cancer immunotherapy in order to realize the company’s continuous development and enhance its corporate value.
Furthermore, we give due consideration to our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and accordingly take appropriate action, and make active efforts so that the Group’s development can lead to making a contribution to society.

2. Target Management Indicators

Along with the widespread use of cancer immunotherapy, the industry has grown steadily and can possibly expect further development in the future. In such circumstances, the Group promotes the research and development of unique technologies and expertise in cancer treatment regarding cancer immunotherapy, mainly focused on dendritic cell vaccine therapy. In addition, the Group strives to expand our business and further enhance management stability through the introduction of cancer treatment technologies and expertise into medical institutions.
The Group places priority on “sales” and “ordinary income margin” as a management indicator. In terms of sales, the Group has achieved a continuous increase since its foundation and aims to continuously maintain double-digit growth. In terms of ordinary income margin, the Group has set the medium-term target of 10% or more.