Message from the President

“To a New Growth Stage”

tella is a company that provides techniques and operational know-how including dendritic cell vaccine therapy to medical institutions and performs research and development on regenerative/cell medicine.

As a surgeon, researcher and entrepreneur, I have dealt with many cancer patients and new cancer treatment techniques. Among such techniques, dendritic cell vaccine therapy is a technique that I believe is needed for cancer patients. Since it has few side effects, it is a human-friendly treatment, slows the progression of cancer and can also sometimes kill large cancer tumors. I have worked with my desire to deliver this medical treatment to everyone. My mission can be summarized in helping as many cancer patients as possible through dendritic cell vaccine therapy. This idea was converted into a tangible form when tella, Inc. was launched in 2004.

The tella Group has grown by providing the technique and expertise surrounding dendritic cell vaccine therapy to medical and research institutions nationwide. We will contribute to cancer patients through the expansion of contracted medical institutions, try to achieve more than 10% growth of the existing businesses by increasing the number of cases, and aim for further growth through the strengthening of our research and development, the promotion of advanced medical care, the making of medical drugs, deploying to overseas markets, etc.

In particular, the Group is working on obtaining the approval as provided in the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act to manufacture and sell tella’s dendritic cell vaccine “Vaccell” as Japan’s first custom-made, human cell-based medical product produced using living cells taken from patients themselves. In November 2013, a “bill for partial amendments to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, etc.” was passed in the 185th session of the extraordinary Diet, and the procedures to establish the conditional and fixed-term approval system for tissue-engineered medical products are underway. If the dendritic cell vaccine is approved as an applicable product, the duration of the clinical trial will be significantly reduced and it will be able to be put to practical use as a medical drug at an early date. If it can be supplied as a medical drug, more patients will be able to receive this medical treatment, and thus we can expect that the tella Group’s business scale will be dramatically expanded.

Our dendritic cell vaccine therapy has the most cases in the country that we have accumulated, and by utilizing the abundant historical data and human network that we have built with a number of medical and research institutions, we will aim to gain Pharmaceutical approval as soon as possible.

The business environment surrounding the tella Group is about to change significantly as “regenerative medicine” was featured as a key element in the growth strategy of “Abenomics.” Our big dream of promoting the dendritic cell vaccine, an immune cell medical drug, to become a medical drug, and to provide medical treatment to more cancer patients, a dream that we have had since our foundation, is going to be realized at a speed much faster than expected. In the next few years, we will concentrate our management resources into the realization of making it a medical drug, and this will be a major milestone. Please expect our significant growth hereafter, and support the tella Group from a medium- to long-term perspective.

President and Representative Director

President and Representative Director Yuichiro Yazaki