Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

The tella Group has been growing so far by providing techniques and expertise on “dendritic cell vaccine therapy,” a cancer vaccine therapy, to medical and research institutions throughout Japan.
In the future, tella intends to grow by 10% or more on the basis of existing business by increasing the number of patients treated by dendritic cell vaccine therapy through increasing the number of medical institutions under contract, and also aims to lift the angle of the growth curve by strengthening research and development, promoting the approval of the vaccine as an advanced medical care and a pharmaceutical preparation, and advancing into overseas markets.

Priority Measures in Growth Strategy

Continuous Growth of Existing Business

1. Expansion of Existing Business

  • ・Expansion of support for existing medical institutions under contract
  • ・Securing new basic allied medical institutions and allied medical institutions
  • ・Reinforcement of scientific evidence aimed at expansion of recognition
  • ・Considering commercialization of contract cell culture business

Further Growth in Medium and Long Term

2. Strengthening of Competence and Difference

  • ・Promotion of clinical research for the commercialization of new cancer antigens
  • ・Promotion of joint development of automatic culture apparatus with Asahi Kasei Corporation
  • ・Promotion of clinical research for the commercialization of ZNK®cell therapy

3. Promotion of Approval as an Advanced Medical Care and a Pharmaceutical Preparation

  • ・Support for approval as new advanced medical care, and for clinical studies
  • ・Considering approval of dendritic cell vaccine as a pharmaceutical preparation, etc.

4. Advancement into Overseas Markets (Asia)

  • ・Agreements in ASEAN and Chinese markets in the year 2013 are under deliberation