Advantage of tella

1. “WT1 Peptide” - An Antigen Recognized around the World

  • ・tella has the exclusive license for the WT1 peptide.
  • ・It is possible to induce a more potent immunity against cancer by using an “altered” WT1 peptide.
  • ・tella also has exclusive licenses for other cancer antigens: “MAGE-A4 peptide” and “survivin peptide.

tella has the exclusive license for the cancer marker “WT1 peptide.”

In dendritic cell vaccine therapy, the antigen used to teach dendritic cells the characteristics of the cancer is important, in addition to the technique to culture high-quality dendritic cells. It has been revealed that the cancer antigen “WT1 peptide” is expressed in substantially all solid cancers and blood cancers; tella has the exclusive license to apply the “WT1 peptide” to dendritic cell vaccine therapy, etc. Because of the license, only medical institutions under contract with tella can exclusively perform dendritic cell vaccine therapy, etc., using the WT1 peptide.

For details, see the following:
“Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy” - A cancer Vaccine by tella.

2. “Cell Culture Technique” Developed by the Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo

  • ・tella has a technique to culture high-quality and stable cells, developed by the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo.
  • ・tella has a track record of support for the possession and introduction of cell culture facilities: 19 facilities, the largest number in Japan.
  • Isolator: a device to block ventilation between the air in the apparatus and the outside air in order to maintain cleanliness during cell culture.

  • Scene of cell culture: High-quality and stable cells are cultured by cell culture technologists.

3.“Clinical Results” in the Largest Number of cases in Japan

  • ・Cumulative number of cases who received dendritic cell vaccine therapy in the medical institutions under contract with tella: about 12,200.
    (as of december 2019)