IR Activities

Purpose and Basic Policy of Disclosure

The Company shall strive to disclose information regarding our business in an easy to understand way based on our basic principles of “transparency,” “accuracy,” “fairness” and “timeliness,” with the aim of promoting the appropriate stock valuation and stock price formation based thereon.

Disclosure Standard

The Company shall disclose its corporate information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations such as the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, as well as the “Security Listing Regulations (the “Regulations”)” enacted by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Moreover, the Company shall strive to proactively and fairly disclose any information that does not fall under the Regulations in order to meet the requests of shareholders, investors and security analysts.

Disclosure Method

The Company shall disclose information falling under the Regulations through the Timely Disclosure network (TDnet) in accordance with the Regulations and shall also issue a press release for the information. In addition, the Company shall also post each piece of information publicized on TDnet on our website as soon as possible.
The Company also considers that any information that does not fall under the Regulations should be promptly, accurately, fairly, continuously and broadly disclosed in accordance with the Regulations, and therefore shall post such information on our website.
The Company exercises due care in posting information on the website; however, the Company makes no warranty regarding the accuracy, etc., of the posted information. Therefore, we would like you to also refer to information disclosed in other ways.

Earnings Forecasts and Future Prospects

The information disclosed by the Company may include statements related to earnings forecasts and future prospects (“future prospects, etc.”). These future prospects, etc., shall be prepared under a certain premise based on currently available information and include unknown risks and uncertainties such as economic environment surrounding the Company, each system and fluctuation of interest rates, etc., and accordingly the Company’s actual business operations and results may differ greatly from such future prospects, etc.
Therefore, we would like you to avoid relying wholly on merely such future prospects, etc., in reviewing the business, performance and corporate value of the Company.

Silent Period

The Company sets a given period of time from the following date of each account closing date (including quarterly settlement) to the announcement of the accounts as a “silent period” in order to prevent divulging information and ensure fairness. During this period, we refrain from being interviewed about the accounts and answering inquiries regarding future prospects, etc., and therefore we would like to ask for your kind understanding of the matter.
However, the Company shall disclose information falling under the Regulations in a timely matter and respond to inquiries about such disclosure even during the silent period.


Please be sure you understand fully each of the above matters before using our website. The information posted on our website is not intended for the purpose of soliciting investment in the Company’s shares such as the purchase or sale of such shares. In addition, the Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to users due to information posted on our website. Therefore, users should make their own decisions regarding the purchase or sale of the Company’s shares or investment in the Company.