Our Services

We provide affiliated medical institutions with support from our technical expert groups with expertise on cell cultivation.

We are proud of tella's high technology to stably cultivate high-quality cells including dendritic cells.

tella's dendritic cell vaccine therapy is based on technology developed at the Institute of Medical Science of the University of Tokyo. Our specialized technicians, trained in accordance with tella's strict SOP (standard operating procedure) are in charge of cell cultivation. With a constant investigation for conducting the cultivation services, we have worked on providing more efficient technologies to maintain the production of high-quality DC vaccines in affiliated medical institutions across Japan. In the cell processing centers, facility management systems in accordance with the GMP standards for investigational drugs have been introduced. Affiliated medical institutions are supported by technicians with expertise on cultivation.

Support for introducing cell processing centers

  1. ①Consultation on the establishment and maintenance of cell processing centers (CPC)
  2. ②Consultation on introduction of management systems for cell cultivation
  3. ③Lease of SOP (standard operating procedure) and regular checks on manufacturing operation management and training of cell cultivation technicians.

Operational support for treatment practice

  1. ①Consultation on training of expertise regarding treatment practice
  2. ②Support for the assessment of therapies
  3. ③Support for documentation required for treatment practice
  4. ④Support for cognition and information providing activities for physicians and patients