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2011.11.07 Collaborative Clinical Study for Advanced and Recurrent Esophageal Cancer Starts with Keio University School of Medicine~Phase 1 clinical study on WT1 peptide pulsed DC vaccine therapy in combination with anticancer drugs~

tella, Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Yuichiro Yazaki) has signed a collaborative research agreement with the School of Medicine of Keio University, which is located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Based on this agreement, tella and Keio University will start Phase 1 clinical study for the treatment of advanced and recurrent esophageal cancer in order to evaluate safety of WT1 peptide*1 pulsed DC (dendritic cell) vaccine therapy*2 in combination with anticancer drugs.

1. Background
Esophageal cancer can metastasize easily to lymph nodes and other organs at an early stage of the disease because the esophagus is near so many blood vessels and lymph vessels. As a result, this is one of the most dangerous types of gastroenterological cancers. Currently, standard care such as surgery, chemical therapy
and radiation therapy are used to treat this cancer. For advanced and recurrent esophageal cancer, though, treatment of the entire body is needed because the cancer can spread to areas far from the esophagus. Since continuous treatment is not possible for some patients, a new treatment method must be developed in order to improve the prognosis for these individuals. DC vaccine therapy, which is one type of immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer, attacks only cancer cells. Since this property may lead to an effective treatment for metastasizing cancer, there are hopes that DC vaccine therapy can be used as a new treatment for improving the prognosis for individuals suffering from esophageal cancer.

2. Summary of the clinical study
The lead physician for the collaborative clinical study will be Professor Yuko Kitagawa of Department of Surgery, Keio University School of Medicine, who will supervise and conduct the study. Immunological analysis will be performed by Professor Yutaka Kawakami of Division of Cellular Signaling Institute for Advanced Medical Research Keio University School of Medicine. Preparation and administration of DC vaccine will be performed with the cooperation of Tokyo Midtown Medical Center *3, which is one of tella’s contracted medical institutions. tella has the exclusive right to use DC vaccine therapy with WT1 peptides. The Company also has technologies, know-how and a variety of basic data concerning this therapy. All of these resources will be provided by tella for this collaborative clinical study. The Company and the Keio University School of Medicine will use this collaborative clinical study to accumulate data based on the scientific evidence for the DC vaccine therapy. The purpose is to evaluate the safety of the treatment.