Press News

Press News

2015.09.16 tella Signed Client Medical Institution Agreement with Ageo Central General Hospital

tella, Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & Representative Director: Yuichiro Yazaki) entered into a client medical institution agreement with Ageo Central General Hospital (Location: Ageo City, Saitama) and has started providing technologies and other know-how involving the dendritic cell vaccine therapy*1 to new alliance partner. Adding this alliance raised to 19 the number of client medical institutions*2. This brings the total number of contracted medical institutions in Japan to 38.

Ageo Central General Hospital is community hospital that provides advanced medical care. In April 2011, it was designated as a designated regional cancer treatment hospital for Saitama Prefecture. The hospital actively provides multidisciplinary treatments that combine surgery, anti-cancer drug treatment, radiation therapy and other treatments for various types of cancers.

tella is committed to making an even greater contribution to the care of cancer patients by providing its technologies and know-how to even more contracted medical institutions, including client medical institutions.

This matter will have only a negligible effect on results of operations in fiscal 2015.

Note 1: Dendritic cell vaccine therapy
This new cancer immunotherapy involves the production outside the patient’s body of a large volume of dendritic cells (a special type of cell that is a key regulator of the immune system and capable of activating lymphocytes that defend the body from foreign substances), which normally exist in only small quantities in the blood. These cells are then processed so that they recognize the patient’s cancerous tissues and substances (cancer antigens) produced artificially as a tumor marker. Next, the cells are returned to the patient’s body so that the characteristics of the cancer are transferred from the dendritic cells to lymphocytes. The lymphocytes can then attack only the cancer cells.

Note 2: Client medical institutions
These medical institutions provide treatments in association with basic affiliated medical institutions which tella loans facilities and provides technologies and know-how for treatment.