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Press News

2014.04.08 Notice Regarding Capital and Business Alliance with Kohjin Bio

The Board of Directors of tella, Inc. approved a resolution today to sign an agreement for a capital and business alliance with Kohjin Bio Co., Ltd. (head office: Sakado City, Saitama; President & CEO: Takahito Nakamura) as follows.

1. Reason for the capital and business alliance
tella is engaged in R&D activities for the dendritic cell (DC) cancer vaccine Vaccell® and other products. Vaccell® can powerfully induce the most effective reaction for an immune system response to cancer. Combining Vaccell® with WT1 peptides, a cancer antigen for which tella has the exclusive right of use, results in a treatment technology that tella has steadily refined and has much potential to become an even more effective treatment for cancer. Number of cases at medical institutions reached about 7,600 as of the end of December 2013.
Kohjin Bio is a pioneer in the field of culture media for growing tissue. The company has more than 20 years of experience in this field and has participated in many joint research projects with universities, research institutes and companies. Expertise in the development of new products and culture media manufacturing technology makes Kohjin Bio one of the leaders in Japan in its field.
tella and Kohjin Bio have a joint research agreement for activities that include culture media used to grow DC for Vaccell®, which is an exclusive tella technology. The two companies have now decided to sign an agreement for a capital and business alliance with the goals of building a stronger framework for cooperation and conducting business operations in Japan and overseas.

2. Overview of the capital and business alliance
(1) Overview of the business alliance
tella plans to use this alliance to combine its technologies and knowledge concerning cell cultures, which is based on technologies of The Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo, with the extensive culture media production technology of Kohjin Bio. The aim is to speed up the development of culture media and other items that can make the production of DC and other cells more efficient. In addition, the two companies plan to use the newly developed culture media and other products for business operations in Japan and overseas.

(2) Overview of the capital alliance
tella will purchase 18,000 shares of newly issued Kohjin Bio common stock through a third-party allotment at a cost of 180 million yen. This will give tella a 5.6% equity stake in Kohjin Bio.